Our Products

Our Products

Fruit and Vegetables

We stock a wide range of loose fruit and vegetables. This varies seasonally depending on what is available.



Baking and Cooking 

B12 yeast flakes

Baking powder

Bicarbonate of soda

Cocoa powder (Organic)

Coconut milk powder


Desiccated coconut

Falafel mix

Fast acting yeast

Ground almonds

Icing sugar (Organic)

Hemp powder (Organic)


Plain white flour

Sea salt crystals

TVP chunks

TVP mince

Nut roast (Vegan)

Vegetable burger mix

Vegetable sausage mix

Vegetable stock powder

Vegetable suet

Vital wheat gluten

White caster sugar

White self raising flour




Bran sticks

Fruit and nut muesli

Granola mix

Jumbo oats

Pinhead oatmeal

Porridge oats


Dried Fruit


Apple rings


Banana chips




Exotic fruit mix

Glace cherries

Goji berries


Mixed mushrooms

Mixed peel

Papaya cubes

Pineapple cubes

Pineapple dried pieces




Sundried tomatoes


Herbs + Spices


Bay leaves

Black peppercorns

Brown mustard seeds

Cajun seasoning blend

Caraway seeds

Cardamon pods

Cayenne pepper

Chilli ground

Chinese 5 spice

Chipotle chillies crushed


Cinnamon sticks

Cloves whole

Coriander seed

Coriander ground

Crushed chillies

Cumin seeds

Cumin whole

Curry powder (Medium)

Fajita seasoning

Fine sea salt

Garam masala

Garlic granules

Garlic powder

Garlic salt

Ginger ground

Ground black pepper

Kibbled onions


Mixed herbs

Mixed peppercorns

Mixed spice


Onion powder


Curry leaves (Organic)


Paprika smoked

Pink peppercorns

Piri peri seasoning


Small red chillies dried

Star anise




White pepper ground

Za’ atar spice


Nuts + Seeds


Almonds blanched

Blue poppy seeds

Cashews broken

Chia seeds

Chopped mixed nuts

 Flaked almonds


Mixed nuts

Mixed seeds


Peanuts redskin

Peanuts roasted salted

Pine kernels

Pistachios roasted salted

Pumpkin seeds

 Sesame seeds (Organic)

Sunflower seeds (Organic)

Walnuts broken

Whole roasted hazelnuts




Gluten free pasta

Lasagne sheets



White pasta (Organic)




White macaroni elbows

White pasta

White spaghetti

Wholewheat pasta (Organic)



Black Turtle Beans
Broth Mix
Butter beans
Cannellini beans
Green lentils Laird
Lentils dark speckled
Marrowfat peas

Mixed beans
Mung beans (organic)
Pinto beans
Red kidney beans
Red lentils
Soya beans
Split peas yellow


 Rice + Grains 

Aborio rice

Basmati rice

Black rice (Organic)

Bulgar wheat


Jasmine rice

Long grain brown rice

Long grain white rice


Long grain white rice (Organic)

Millet (Organic)

Pearl barley

Pearl couscous



Sushi rice

Tricolour quinoa

White couscous




Bombay mix

Chilli rice crackers

Chocolate Bars

Garlic sticks

Montezuma hot chocolate disks

Pick and mix deluxe (Vegan Chocolates)


Pick and mix (Vegan)

Rice crackers osumi mix

Snack mix

Trail mix

Wasabi peas



Apple dream

Earl grey special tea

English breakfast tea

Green tea with jasmine petals

Peach garden tea

Red fruit pudding infusion

Sencha green tea



Dog biscuits mixed



Taylor made refills:

Bathroom cleaner

Daily shower spray

Kitchen cleaner

washing up jars

washing up refills


Bio Refills:

Body wash

Fabric conditioner

Hand wash

Home and garden sanitizer

Laundry liquid

Powerful cleaner and de greaser

Toilet cleaner

Washing up liquid


Kitchen Items



Baking paper

Bamboo cutlery

Bamboo pegs

Bamboo spatula

Bamboo spoon

Bamboo straw

Compostable cloth

Copper cloth

Copping board

Cotton tea bags

Cutlery set

Kitchen foil

Knitted dish cloth

Large safix


Metal straw

Paper tape small + large

Replacement head

Rice root scrubber

Small safix

Straw cleaner

Up cycle tools

Veg brush

Washi tape

Washing up bar

Wax pouch

Wax wrap


Bathroom/ Personal Care

bamboo brush

bamboo comb

bamboo cotton buds

bamboo toothbrush

bath bombs

body butter


circle face mask

clay face mask

conditioner bars

day pads

defuser refill

dental floss

earth concious deo

earth cups

floss refill

Gua sha

Himalayan salt deodorant

Jade roller

linen mist


lip balm

lip stick

little lamb wipers

live coco salt stick

make up brushes and sets

pillow spray

shaving bars

shaving brush

shaving soap

shower puff

recyclable brush heads

reed defuser

safety razor

shampoo bars

makeup bar remover

micellar water

moisturiser bar

moon cups

night pads

pillow spray

recyclable brush heads

reed defuser

safety razor

shampoo bars

shaving bars

shaving brush

shaving soap

shower puff

soap bag

soap bars

soap dish

soap tin

toilet brush

tooth tabs pouch

tooth tabs tin

travel tin

wax melts

wet bag

Wooden massage roller