Who Gives a Crap Christmas Upcycling

Hello holiday lovers!
In this blog we will be showing you different ways to reuse your gorgeous Who Gives a Crap toilet roll wrapping and the tube!
First of all, these rolls are adorable as a gift in themselves. They’re practical (who doesn’t use tp?), good for the environment (made from recycled paper or bamboo) and super soft.
Plus, you get to gift someone a jokey gift that won’t go to waste *cough cough* looking at you Dad for getting me a Justin Bieber CD. Thanks.
Let’s start with simple wrapping paper ideas!
First, we can use the roll as a neat little box. Just fold in each end and use paper tape to keep it closed. Add a cute ribbon, some hand-drawn designs, stickers, whatever you want. Ta-da! The perfect sized package for smaller gifts, and with your own personal flair.
The paper can also be used in the most obvious way- to wrap gifts! The paper comes in loads of different holiday designs. Our favourite is the penguins.
Watch our TikTok video to find out how to make this sweet bow to add to your presents.
Next up is decorations. Try this neat little bauble idea to upcycle your old baubles. It’s a great way to get the kids involved and make the decorations more colourful without buying anything new. All you need is those old baubles that always sit at the bottom of the decoration bag because they’re a bit past their prime and some glue. Mod podge is the best kind as it can also be used like a varnish. Add one layer of glue, stick on some torn up pieces of the paper and then cover with more glue to set it.
Try this super simple paper chain idea – it’s a great way to use up any scraps from the other projects.
Dinner Time! You can use the paper as placemats for Christmas dinner and use the rolls as napkin holders.
You can also make your own sustainable table crackers! Making your own is a great way to save money and not bring extra plastic into your home this year. No more dice and no more tiny bowling sets. I refuse.
Happy Holidays! We hope you enjoyed this blog about toilet paper upcycling. To read the last blog post, click here.
The Little Green Larder Team.

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