Top 20 TLGL Christmas gifts for under £20

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Stuck for gift ideas? Have a friend or colleague that is vegan or trying to be more sustainable? Have no fear! Today we have put together a list of affordable gifts from The Little Green Larder, perfect for that eco friendly person in your life.
  1. Number one for going number two, Who Gives a Crap festive toilet roll made from bamboo, these are 3 ply and last twice as long as a regular roll. Check out our blog to see how the paper wrapping can be reused. You can also click here to buy some. 

  3. Soy wax melts by Oh So Succulent Melts. In scents such as Snow Fairy, Fig, and Clementine.

  5. Who could say no to these colourful and unique chocolate bars? We have a variety of different kinds to suit different tastes from the flowery Lavender to Chilli Bonkers! (Grab a bar for yourself too, we won't tell)  

  7. Carpet and Mattress Freshener is the home item you didn't know you needed! Just sprinkle some of this powder on your carpet or mattress, leave for up to 30 minutes and then vacuum off to leave your room smelling delicious. A little goes a long way so this bag will last a while. In scents like Toasted Marshmallow and Pumpkin Spice, who could resist? 

  9. Is there someone in your life that prefers savoury over sweet? Gift them this yummy vegan cheese from Left Coast Culture. We have mozzarella, havarti and muenster to choose from. 

  11.  Mauchit's bath bombs are to die for. They smell so yummy and fresh and they look so colourful in water! 

  13. Another gorgeous product from Mauchit, these soy wax candles smell divine and have great Scots names like Yule Smell Braw and Bonny Berry. Soy wax candles are much better for your health and the environment than paraffin wax candles. 

  15. We stock a great range of children's books about how to help the environment and books about inspirational people like David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg. 

  17. These Oh So Succulent linen mists are made to be spritzed on beds and sofas to make the room smell lovely! With new festive fragrances such as Cinnamon Buns and Christmas Tree, what are you waiting for?

  19. Reusable cotton rounds are the sustainable way to go. They are so much better for the planet than disposable cotton rounds or makeup wipes and they're kinder to skin. We also sell wash bags so they can be popped in the washing machine or hand washed to be reused. 

  21. Sweeeettsssss!!! Sweets are a must for Christmas. Curl up on the sofa, pop on Elf and dig in to this tasty vegan pick and mix. 

  23. Huski Home travel mugs are made from rice husk and they are gorgeous and sustainable. Perfect for hot chocolate on the go or take it to the local coffee shop to fill it up with pumpkin spice latte.

  25. Ethical and sustainable tote bag screen printed by hand using water based, solvent free, vegan inks. 

    The garments are 100% organic cotton and the entire production process is controlled and certified in accordance with the latest version of GOTS. Made in manufacturing facilities powered by green renewable energy, from low-impact raw materials by a verified ethical manufacturer.

  27. Want to gift makeup but hate all the packaging? These cute little lipsticks are plastic-free. Simply pull the little tab and unwind the paper casing to reveal more of the product. Each lipstick or lip balm contains more product than larger brands and they're much kinder to the planet. 

  29. Our Playpress Gruffalo set is so popular with the kids that come in to our shop! These sets are build-it-yourself and plastic free. Check out our other Playpress sets here.

  31. Give the gift of soap! These Smelleez soap bars are adorable and handmade locally. 

  33. Our Ivy and Ginger earrings are handmade using recycled wood and surgical stainless steel.

  35. Micellar water to pair with reusable cotton rounds, comes in the classiest and prettiest bottle ever. This is handmade and kind to skin. Bring back four empty bottles and receive one full bottle free. 

  36. Jade rollers are perfect for toning the muscles and pushing products into the skin. They are cool and soothing (and gorgeous) 

  37. Last but not least, vegan cookbooks! We have books for meals on a budget and vegan sweet treats.

Thanks for reading! We hope this list inspired you. Remember that we have many of these gifts on our online store as well as our shop. 
The Little Green Larder Team

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