Top 10 Sustainable Kitchen Swaps

Hello everyone, For all those that are following us you will have noticed that this month we are focusing on how to have a sustainable kitchen. Follow our social media and blogs to get all the info on how to stay green in the kitchen.

Today we are sharing our top 10 sustainable kitchen swaps. One of the easiest ways to live a sustainable life is to take your everyday items and swap them for sustainable alternatives.

If you want to find out how to make sustainable swaps in the bathroom then have a read of this blog post.

With so many sponges being thrown away it’s a wonder why they’re still allowed to be made of plastic. This Safix Scrub pad is made of 100% sustainable material so you can scrub up your kitchen while scrubbing up the planet.

 2. Bamboo Cooking Utensils

Plastic cooking spoons are some of the most unnecessary items for the kitchen. No more, with our bamboo cooking utensils. Made of one of the most sustainable materials, it will transform your cooking and your kitchen to an eco power house.

3. Reusable Straws

Plastic straws are horrid, so unnecessary, paper is a good step forward but it still is a problem with production and waste. Reusable metal and bamboo straws are the way to go, take it with you where ever you go and save the plant one cocktail at a time.

Of course we understand that some people require plastic straws for medical reasons and we would never be against that.


4. Bamboo Cutlery Set

Now that the suns staying out longer and the weathers getting warmer picnics are going to be a staple, so be prepared. Carry one of our cutlery sets in your bag so that you have them on hand whenever you need them. Pop in the store to grab one of our cutlery sets, they come in so many cute colours!

5. Bamboo Washing Up Brush

Plastic brushes are awful for the environment they release micro plastics into the water and they’re very quick to break. Our bamboo brushes are built to last, with a simple head replacement it makes it cheaper than buying a new washing up brush and better for the environment.

6. Refillable Washing Up Liquid

In our shop we have a whole section to refill on all your washing up liquid, commercial brands come in way too many plastic bottles and are horrid for the planet. Refill stations are a much better alternative and it will last you longer.

7. Soap Bag

With more alternatives to traditional washing up liquids, it makes more sense to add some cool accessories to suit your needs, should you choose a washing up soap bar then this eco soap bag is for you. Made from 100% biodegradable material you can’t go wrong.


8. Metal Tea Strainers

Who doesn’t love a cup of tea, I’ll tell you, the planet when you throw away your plastic filled tea bags.

Use our special Metal Tea Strainers and keep the planet safe.


9. Bamboo Chopping Boards

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on earth so it just makes sense to start buying bamboo chopping boards along with all your other bamboo utensils. We have some large strong sustainable ones in store. These are great for chopping bread and veg but also as a display board for parties.


10. Straw Cleaners

To match with your reusable straws we have our lovely straw cleaners, a match made in heaven and of course 100% biodegradable.

We hope you enjoyed reading and learning about these amazing products we have for sale at our amazing shop, please come on down and have a look at them.

Thank you for reading and we’ll see you soon.

The Little Green Larder Team

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