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Hello readers!
Today’s blog is about our new Green Delivery Service. We planned to set up this service sooner but then the pandemic happened, so it wasn’t a viable option at the time. But it’s here now! We started the delivery service up a few weeks ago and we are so excited about it. We love being able to bring our lovely customers food and sustainable goods and see them smile.
We have a whole section on our website for all the plastic-free and sustainable items we offer with delivery. We have such a wide range from snacks to recipe bags to sustainable gifts to children’s toys.
I know what you’re thinking, what about CO2 emissions? How is adding another vehicle to the road better for the environment? Well, we have an electric van! No nasty fumes here.
We usually deliver on Thursdays and Saturdays, but this December we are ALSO delivering on Mondays! (and delivery is free in December so get shopping!)
Meet our drivers:
The Boss, Jillian
The Badass, Naima
Some examples of what we offer:
Fruit and veg hampers
Wellbeing hampers
Sustainable personal care items
….and so much more!
 So whether you're buying your weekly groceries or a treat for yourself, head on over to the Green Delivery section on our site to pick up some sustainable stuff!
Thank you for reading about our new Green Delivery Service! We hope you will benefit from this service and tell your friends so they can grab some goods too!
The Little Green Larder Team

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