• Sustainable Self Care: Be kind to yourself, and the planet too!

    Sustainability absolutely does not mean that you have to go without or put yourself second in order to take care of the planet. If anything self care is an  essential part of a sustainable lifestyle. Without it you don't have the energy to thrive in your work, develop healthy relationships, and have time to invest in your interests and hobbies. We've compiled a list of sustainable self care practices that allow you to take care of yourself and be kind to the planet too!
  • Our Sustainable Self Care: A Top 10

    It's May, and this month we are focusing on self-care. When it comes to self care, sustainability usually means building healthy habits that you can stick to and build into regular routines. However, today we want to talk about how you can make your self care habits and activities more environmentally sustainable, using products we stock here at The Little Green Larder.
    Self-Care practices are so important for taking care of people, but they can also be great place to make sustainable swaps that will help take care of the planet too. Here are a few self-care top picks to consider switching to this month.