Sustainable Self Care: Be kind to yourself, and the planet too!

Sustainable Self-Care

Sustainability absolutely does not mean that you have to go without or put yourself second in order to take care of the planet. If anything self care is an  essential part of a sustainable lifestyle.

Every month we are taking an area of daily living and showing you easy sustainable swaps you can make. Join us and make even just one swap a month and by December you will be living a greener life! 

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Without it you don't have the energy to thrive in your work, develop healthy relationships, and have time to invest in your interests and hobbies. We've compiled a list of sustainable self care practices that allow you to take care of yourself and be kind to the planet too!


Have a social media detox.

Delete those apps and enjoy the hours you’d have otherwise lost to envy and doom scrolling. You might save some electricity in the process too. 

Say no 

Prioritise what’s important to you and get comfortable setting boundaries. It’s okay to say no to social obligations, extra shifts, or lending a hand when you’ve got too much on your plate.

Take time off

 Whether it’s a 20 minute tea break in the middle of a big piece of work, or a few days away from work and obligations.


Take Care Of Your Insides

Cook and Eat a Healthy Meal



 Enjoy the mindfulness of cooking from scratch and the nourishment of a fresh cooked meal. FYI, we sell meal kits that can streamline the process.


Challenge Your Brain


 Do a daily sudoku, crossword or even Wordle to keep your brain sharp.


Sleeping boosts your immune systems and improves your mental health and having a good sleep routine is essential. Try our pillow and linen sprays to help you sleep.

 Take Care Of Your Body

Pamper yourself

Treat yourself to one of our Ancient clay face masks, or even make your own by whizzing up oats, avocado and lemon!


 Express Yourself

Wear your clothes, hair and makeup in a way that feels authentically you. Thrifting is a great way to find unique clothes, and we stock a range of makeup to suit everyone too.


Get Moving


 Walk, run, stretch, try a sport. If you’re an avid gym-goer, try our hemp protein powder. 


Declutter and Donate


Clear out what you don’t need and take it to a Charity Shop, Re-users Centre or give it away to those in need. The Shelter shop next door, Scrap Antics, and Tayside Re-users are great local places to donate.

Create a Space for Relaxing

Create a dedicated space for yourself for relaxing or doing hobbies that you can retreat to and relax in. A candle can help to create a relaxing vibe.

Get Away

Take some time, an afternoon or even a few days to go and explore somewhere new. It could be a park or forest you’ve not visited before or even a new city. 



Make Time for Friends 

Make time for face-to-face conversation without digital distractions, enjoy a meal together or plan an activity together.

Go Outdoors


 Reconnect with nature and the outdoors. Go for a swim, bag a Munro, or wander through a forest. Take some of our new trail mix with you for fuel.


Reconnect with Your interests 



Read the book you’ve been meaning to, make time for the hobby you’ve been neglecting, finish the project you started, book a lesson or class.


That's it! We hoped you've found some useful tips! If you'd like to find out more about self-care check out our blog on sustainable self care swaps, and keep an eye on our social media throughout May.
The Little Green Larder Team

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