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Hello lovely people,

Today we had a chat with our magnificent boss Jillian. Why not head over to our website and have a read about her on the 'Our Founder' page.

Before opening The Little Green Larder store, Jillian was an independent makeup artist specialising in body paint and bridal makeup. Jillian opened our eco store just over two years ago because she couldn’t find the sustainable products she was looking for in Dundee and thought, why not do it herself?

Jillian’s favourite part about our store is interacting with our wonderful customers - whether they’re regulars we can recommend new products to or enthusiastic new shoppers excited about all the sustainable and eco friendly wares we have in stock. All of our customers have a similar ethos, and we always love talking to like-minded people and sharing sustainable tips.

To be eco-friendly outside of the shop, Jillian buys all her clothes second-hand (and asks her mum to alter them), encourages people she talks with to be sustainable, focuses on avoiding extra plastic waste when shopping and recycles everything she can.

In her spare time, Jillian likes to go hill-walking. Her goal was to climb ten Munros last year and she accomplished it! This years goal is twenty so stay tuned!

Jillian loves exploring new places and walking with her adorable springer spaniel Lady. She also enjoys reading, socialising with friends, watching films, cooking and baking. She even makes all of the vegan cakes and tray bakes we sell.

Jillian’s dad has a ‘make-do-and-mend’ attitude, so he taught her that if something breaks, its better to fix it than replace it. She has vintage furniture at home that she has upcycled and if her clothes rip she’ll stitch them up.

Thanks for reading and look out for Jillian when coming in to our little green shop. We know many of you know her already, but she always loves meeting new customers and chatting to regulars. 

If you want to find out a little bit more about the core values and mission for The Little Green Larder then head over to our website.

The Little Green Larder Team

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