Staff Spotlight Emilia

Hello everyone, today we are chatting with Emilia – the newest member of our Little Green Larder team.
Here at The Little Green Larder our team of friendly and helpful staff are happy to help at all times. We are more than just your average shop workers; we are dedicated to creating environmental change and working towards a greener and more sustainable future. 
Emilia is joining us as part of the Kickstarter team. As well as serving all of our lovely customers
on the shop floor she will also be helping out with our social media, blogs and tiktok.
We asked Emilia what is something she does to help out with the environment and to be sustainable and she replied “I like to use as little plastic as possible and when I do, I only use what I can reuse, and will use as many sustainable products as possible”.
In their spare time Emilia loves to make music she sings and plays in two local bands and produces music for artists and even DJ's! She also enjoys cooking and learning about food cultures.
Emilia wanted to work at TLGL because she loved the shop and what we stand for and think it’s important to stand up for the environment and to do their bit.
Emilia is Italian and loves cooking so she fits in perfectly at TLGL! There are many fantastic recipes from Italy, especially from Liguria where Emilia is from that she is excited to share with you all! Feel free to ask her for some Italian cooking tips next time you are in. 
Her favourite item we sell at the little green larder are the chilli rice crackers.
We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about our newest team member here at The Little Green Larder. Why not have a read of these posts to find out about some of the other members of our team!
Thanks for reading, The Little Green Larder Team

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