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Hi readers!
Today we sat down with Alice and had a chat.
Alice said she is from Coleshill in England. She goes to the gym five days a week and in her spare time does a lot of crafting. She used to sell her handmade earrings at markets!
Alice has been working at The Little Green Larder since the beginning of July and volunteered at the Larder when it first opened.
We asked her what her favourite part about working at The Little Green Larder is and she told us:
"My favourite part about working here is organising and decorating the displays."
Have a look around when you pop in and you’ll spot some of the lovely artwork Alice has done for us.
She also enjoys that there’s always something new to look at or try in-store. She has tried almost every spice we stock!
When we talked about her day to day life outside of the store, Alice said this:
"I'm vegan and committed to reducing waste. At the start of this year, I decided to stop buying new clothes to no longer contribute to the fast fashion industry. I like to shop at local charity shops and vintage shops and I enjoy decorating my old clothes to fit my current style."
Alice volunteers as a local ‘food waste hero’ using apps such as Olio and Too Good To Go. She collects any food that stores and restaurants would normally throw out and she distributes it to the community every Monday night. She recommends visiting the Gate Church Community Wardrobe to pick up and donate clothes and the Dundee West End Community Fridge for food.
Alice's favourite product we sell is our hazelnut chocolate cubes.
We hope you have enjoyed reading about our lovely Alice! To read our last staff spotlight blog, click here.
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