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Hi everyone. At The Little Green Larder we try to make our blog posts have a monthly theme to them. This months theme is Self Care. Today we're going to be talking about our picks for the top 10 eco friendly self care products we sell at the Little Green Larder
1. Makeup Brushes
Makeup brushes are great but they are full of plastic and are harmful to the planet. Our bamboo brushes are plastic free and 100% biodegradable so you can look your best while saving the planet.
2. Shampoo and Soap Bars
We can’t live without shampoo soap conditioner and more, but they come in so much plastic waste and only last a certain amount. Our soap bars come in cardboard and paper so that not a single piece more plastic can go to waste.
3. Bamboo Combs
There is going to be a theme for this blog and that’s about how much plastic is in things today, but not our hair combs. Made from the highest quality bamboo our combs are built to last, but not last forever, as they are completely biodegradable.
4. Natural deodorant
Our earth conscious deodorant is yet another product that will revolutionise the way we treat our planet. Commercial deodorants don’t last as long and are very bad for the ozone. So make the switch to this awesome alternative
5. Bamboo toothbrushes
Bamboo is a very important part of sustainability because it can do so much. Our tooth brushes are made for the longest lasting use. Pair it with our toothpaste tabs and you’re smile will shine all day long.
6. Tooth Tabs
With our bamboo toothbrushes comes toothpaste, simply chew on these wee tabs and then brush. Most toothpaste containers are all full of plastic, but these come in tins so it’s a lot more eco friendly.
7. Micellar Water
Our Isla Rosa micellar water is very special, it contains blueberry, aloe vera and also a very special part is that every bottle is re filled after use, simply bring it back to the shop and you get a rewards card and on the last card you get a free bottle. Saving you money while you save the planet
8. Bamboo Cotton Buds
If you made it this far you already know what I’m going to say about our cotton buds. They’re great, they’re eco safe, and they’re wating for you here at the shop.
9. Little Lamb Wash Cloths
Little Lamb reusable washcloths are fantastic, they’re so soft and durable they last for a long long time and the best news is they are made of, you guessed it, bamboo. So what are you waiting for, come on down and grab one.
10. Soap Bags
Made from 100% biodegradable material our soap bags make showering and bathing with our eco soap an experience. Made for lathering up perfectly they will help keep you clean, while you keep the planet clean.
With all these incredible products it makes no sense as to why you would ever not use these eco alternatives, they are all available and all in stock right here, right now at the little green larder.
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