Our Sustainable Self Care: A Top 10

It's May, and this month we are focusing on self-care. When it comes to self care, sustainability usually means building healthy habits that you can stick to and build into regular routines. However, today we want to talk about how you can make your self care habits and activities more environmentally sustainable, using products we stock here at The Little Green Larder.


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Self-Care practices are so important for taking care of people, but they can also be great place to make sustainable swaps that will help take care of the planet too. Here are a few self-care top picks to consider switching to this month:


Moisturiser Bar

A new addition to our collection of self-care products, these packaging free moisturiser bars do it all! Take care of your skin from head to toe, and your hair too with this multiuse bar. One bar lasts a whole month with typical use so you can fully embrace the theme of self-care in May with just one of these! You can check out the Comme Avant website for tips on its many uses and eco credentials.

 2. Dark Chocolate
Sometimes self care is as simple as a sweet treat. A square or two (or more!) of our Seed and Bean or Montezuma Chocolate bars are great wee treat to satisfy sweet cravings. Dark Chocolate is a great choice as it's full of antioxidants and a long list of other health benefits, but if it's not your thing we also have a great selection of milk chocolate, sweets, fudge, and dried fruit too!
Food and fuelling your body are a huge part of self-care, and cooking a meal from scratch is a great mindfulness activity that can help you to enjoy your food more and make sure you are getting enough varied fresh food in your diet. Turning cooking into an activity that you can do with family is also great for your mental health. Picking up one of our Recipe bags will simplify the whole process with weighed out ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe.
4. Gua Sha
Our Gua Shas have been hugely popular with our lovely customers. And it's probably down to the fact that they strike the balance between relaxation, luxury, and skincare. Pair with our Made On Our Farm Lavender Face Oil for a spa quality face massage, or use in your daily routine to relax muscles and increase circulation. If you've not tried a Gua Sha before, there are plenty of tutorials and guides online and they are pretty simple to use! 
5. Lavender Pillow Spray
Sleep is perhaps the most underrated yet most crucial form of self-care. And the Made On Our Farm Lavender Scented Pillow Spray is a great addition to a healthy sleep routine. Simply spray on your pillow or bedding before bed and let the sleep enhancing essential oil work it's magic! you can also rest easy knowing that it's made from homegrown lavender, in recyclable packaging, and is made less than 10 miles from The Little Green Larder over in Monifieth!
6. Make Up Remover Bar
Our packaging free Make Up Remover Bars are packaging free, cruelty free and are made with just 4 natural ingredients, including Jojoba Oil. Pair with our Circle Face Mitt or Little Lamb Face Cloths to gently remove makeup and cleanse skin at the end of a long day.
7. Micellar Water
Isla Rosa's Micellar Water may be a little different to others you've tried. It's made from aloe vera, witch hazel, and blueberries making it a skin saviour that specifically formulated to cater to sensitive and inflammatory skin. it can be used morning and night, and after your make up removal for cleansing and toning the skin.
8. Egg Bath Bombs.
I don't think there's anything that epitomises self-care more than a nice long soak in a warm bath, and I don't think there is anything that enhances that experience more than a bath bomb. Our egg bath bombs come in a range of 6 different colours and scents (so you may as well fill up an egg box and try them all!). For the full experience, put on some relaxing tunes, turn down the lights and light a Mauchit candle!
9. Salt Deo Bar
Exercise releases endorphins, the stress reducing mood boosters and is a great way to focus your energy on something positive. The one drawback? Sweat. That's where Salt Deodorant Bars Come in, Keeping you odour free without any chemicals. Simply dampen the bar with water, use as you would a roll-on deodorant, then dry. And the best part is these little bars can last up to a year!  
10. Wooden Roller
Wooden massage rollers are a great way to relieve stress, improve circulation and improve muscle pain, so whether you've got aches and pains, want to take care of your muscles after exercise, or have had a stressful day at work, these little rollers have got you covered! They come with a handle for ease of use but are still small enough to be portable so you can take them with you to wherever stress or sore muscles may strike.
That's our top 10! Keep on following our social media and blog posts throughout May for more sustainable self-care tips and products.
Thanks for reading, and remember: 
“Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world.” ― Pema Chodron
The Little Green Larder Team

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