Megan’s top picks for gifts this Christmas

Hello festive readers,
Today’s blog is all about Megan’s top picks for gifts this Christmas.
With the holiday season fast approaching, we are all suddenly scrambling to find Nana the perfect gift or grab something for our Secret Santa recipient (What does Dan from floor 2 even like?).
Not to worry, The Little Green Larder has all your gift needs covered!
Top gifts for adults:
A new safety razor from Wild & Stone in one of our stylish colours. Made from metal, these razors are better for the planet than the plastic alternatives you see in stores. The blades can be replaced, meaning this gorgeous razor can stay sharp all year round!
Pillow spray and linen mists for a fresh home and a good night’s sleep. We have the popular lavender pillow spray back in stock, along with new linen mist fragrances including Christmas Tree, Fig & Snowberry and Cinnamon Buns, which is Megan’s personal favourite.
A cosy new recycled cotton blanket. These blankets are so snuggly and so big! It can be used as a throw on the bed or sofa, or for those winter movie nights huddled together with some popcorn.
Top prezzies for kids:
Plastic-free play sets. We have an amazing range of Playpress sets in-store and online, including The Gruffalo, dinosaurs and dream job sets like firefighter and Doctor!
Little People, Big Dreams. An inspiring collection of children’s books about people we can all look up to. Climate change activists, researchers, drag queens and more.
These adorable Play in Choc boxes each contain allergen free chocolate bites and a collectable build it yourself plastic-free toy.
Top picks for Secret Santa:
As it gets colder, more people will want to bring in lunches rather than brave the wind and rain for a bite to eat. These sleek Huski Home lunch boxes are the perfect gift for a colleague that doesn’t want to be stuck using their child’s Barbie zip-up lunch box or that old takeaway container.
Who can go wrong with chocolate? We have delicious bars of vegan chocolate in stock from cookies and cream to lavender to chilli and lime.
These toilet rolls are a great gift as not only are they practical, they’re also adorable, come in reusable packaging and are made out of bamboo so they’re super soft and they save the trees.
That’s a wrap! We hope we inspired you with our selection of gifts from The Little Green Larder. Remember not to leave the shopping until the last minute! We are open Monday – Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-5. Thanks for reading! Check out our other holiday blogs here and here.
The Little Green Larder Team

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