Come and Say Hello so we Don't Have To Say Goodbye!

Hello everyone, today we are chatting about a tough but important topic.
We know that the pandemic and rising costs of living have been a huge hit for everyone. Over the past 2 years we have all seen the Perth Road go from a bustling shopping and socialising area to what we can only describe as quiet.
So that is why we are saying, come and say hello so we don’t have to say goodbye!

It breaks our heart to see how many zero waste shops have been closing. We have seen at least 10 sustainable businesses in Scotland announce they are closing this year alone. Not to mention the countless closures across the rest of the UK.

I have to admit the past two years have been really difficult for us in different ways and closing the shop is something I have had to consider. I am determined not to let our crazy economy get the better of us!

We will stay open and continue our mission, but only with your support.

We just aren't ready to give up yet so we are reaching out to our community for support and asking our lovely customers and followers to use us or loose us.

If you’ve found yourself shifting back to supermarkets or online shopping. If you have been meaning to pop by but never found the time, now is your chance to come back to The Little Green Larder, even just for a few items. It is now or never, use us or loose us.

We also know that rising costs of living are driving people to budget supermarkets, so we have introduced our 10 sustainable staples. We have chosen 10 shopping staples that we now sell at a low margin (including pasta, rice, oats etc). These are products that many families often use that we are selling as low as we can to help those who are struggling.

So how can you help us?

If you need oats, lentils, pasta, chickpeas, herbs and spices then why not stop by with your jars to refill.

If coming to us isn't convenient then why not order a fruit and veg box, a recipe bag, some oat milk, bread, cakes or your sustainable refills via our green delivery service.

We have a sale section at The Little Green Larder just now so why not pop by and grab a bargain.

We only have a small number of our limited edition sustainable prints left so why not treat yourself to one. These also make great gifts!

If you don't live close by but want to support us then why not order some sustainable items from our online shop!

Also we have saved the best till last. Come along to The Little Green Larder on Saturday the 9th April for our fundraising "Save Our Shop Bake Sale". Simply stop by the shop and treat yourself to a few tasty cakes!

Thank you so much for reading and we cant wait to see you in the shop soon

Jillian and TLGL team


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