Christmas Gifts That You Don't Have to Buy

Hello everyone,

Wow it is December and Christmas is coming so quickly!  This year has been a strange one. I feel like it has passed by so quickly, but also dragged on in some ways. Without a doubt it has been a difficult year for all of us, so we all deserve to have a beautiful and chilled out Christmas.

Christmas has become so commercialised that’s sometimes we lose sight of what is important.

For me Christmas is time to take a break from working all of the time and have some chill out time. It is time to spend with the people I love and eat lovely food and drink lovely drinks. No stress, just good times with great people.

There can be so much pressure for people to spend lots of money and buy heaps of presents at Christmas. Let’s face it we all end up with things that we don’t need and wont use at times. It’s not that we are ungrateful, its just that some gifts may not suit everyone.

Today I wanted to give you all some great suggestion of gifts you can give that you don’t have to buy that can be amazing and thoughtful!

Of course I’m not saying don’t buy gifts. This year I am ensuring all of the gifts I buy are from local and sustainable shops and businesses. However here are some great ideas of gifts you can give that don’t cost!

Babysitting Duties

If you have friends with kids then why not give them a voucher to look after them while your friends have a night off. This can be such a wonderful gift and you get to spend time with their wee ones!

An I Owe You to tidy a room or do a chore

There are some chores around the house that I just hate doing. If someone told me they would empty the bin for a few months or do the hoovering whenever I wanted them to I would be delighted. Try and think of something helpful that your mum, friend or partner would love to have you do and offer to do it.

Something Homemade

I love handmade gifts, they are so thoughtful and amazing. Home baked cookies, home brewed beer, a cross stitched gift. Anything that you make that you think your friends and family will love will be amazing!

Cook a Meal

So yes, this will cost you in ingredients, however it is easy to just use what you have already in your cupboards and fridge. I love having dinner cooked for me, it is such a treat as I am normally the one doing most of the cooking.

Have your friends over for a nice meal. One of you can cook, someone can bring desert and someone else can bring wine. Just enjoy a chilled out evening with each other and not have to worry about gifts.

Read a Book

Over the first lockdown my nephews birthday party got cancelled like many others. I had bought him The Gruffalo as part of his present and had planned to read it to him at his party. As I couldn’t do this anymore I decided to film myself reading it and send it to him to watch on his birthday. Of course I did all of the different animals voices and Jon laughed so much the first time I was filming it that I had to start again. It was so silly and funny but my nephew enjoyed it and that’s what it is all about.

The Gift of Time

Just spending time with family or friends you don’t see often is priceless. I work so much, I have always been that way. I have worked for myself for over 10 years and my business always come as first priority. At Christmas time I love to take some time off and relax and be with the people who are important to me. Visit your grandparents, spend time with an old friend, go and see someone you don’t often get to spend time with and just enjoy it!

Setting a Date

So this one may cost you money one day but it doesn’t have to be a lot. Instead of a physical gift you can plan a date for the future. Life can be so busy that quite often we forget to take time for our self and the people we love. Be it a picknick in the park, a trip to the cinema or a meal out. Plan to do something with your partner or friend. You can even buy them a voucher or do a DIY one to let them know where and when.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and it has. inspired you to give some alternative gifts this Christmas. It’s not all about flashing the cash, spending time with people when possible can be better

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