Christmas Gifts That Don't Cost a Penny

What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.” ― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

This quote is so meaningful and helps us remember what Christmas is really about!

It isn’t about spending lots of money on gifts that your loved ones don’t need. It is about spending time with people you love, taking some time off, enjoying nice food and relaxing.

Christmas has become so commercialised that’s sometimes we lose sight of what is important.

Today I am bringing you some great ideas of Christmas gifts with lots of meaning that don’t cost you a penny.

Christmas Cards for your Local Care Home
We all have a packet of Christmas Cards lying around in a cupboard somewhere. Why not write a few and drop them into your local care home. What about that box of chocolates or nice biscuits you never got round to opening, why not drop them in as well and bring some festive cheer to the people in your community.

Babysitting Duties
Do you have friends and family with kids? Why not make a voucher for a day or evening of babysitting so that your loved ones can have a little break. This is such a nice gift and means you get to spend time with the little ones.
Something Homemade
I love to bake, and my friends love my baking, so I am always making homemade gifts. Cookies, cupcakes, mince pies, fudge, you name it I am baking it. Why not make some jam or some home brewed beer. The options are endless.

Read a book
Over the first lockdown my nephew's birthday party got cancelled like many others. I had bought him The Gruffalo as part of his present and had planned to read it to him at his party. As I couldn’t do this anymore, I decided to film myself reading it and send it to him to watch on his birthday. Of course, I did all of the different animal's voices and we laughed so much the first time I was filming it that I had to start again. It was so silly and funny, but my nephew enjoyed it and that’s what it is all about.

Set a Date
I always find that the months speed by and sometimes I sit down and realise I haven’t seen some of my friends in months. Work is always busy, and I work on our community outreach outside of work so time can just fly by.
Instead of a physical gift why not plan a date for the future. Plan a pamper day with your mum, a picnic with your pals or an afternoon tea with your granny. Setting a date for something is like giving two gifts in one.
Cook a meal

This doesn’t need to cost, why not raid your cupboards and come up with a delicious meal from the contents. I always do the cooking so when my boyfriend cooks for me it is a real treat!

Have your friends over for a nice meal. One of you can cook, someone can bring desert and someone else can bring wine. Just enjoy a chilled-out evening with each other and not have to worry about gifts. Or why not do a potluck where you set a theme, and everyone brings something.

The Gift of Time
You don’t need to turn up with expensive gifts to make someone’s day. Why not stop in at your Grandads and make him a hot chocolate and catch up. Surprise your friend who has kids by dropping by with a Christmas DVD and some corn for popping.

On Christmas day put down your phone and spend time talking and laughing with your family. Give out hugs and help whoever is cooking in the kitchen. If you were a guest why not clear the table or do the dishes and don’t forget to say I love you!

I hope this blog post has made you remember the important things this festive season. You don’t need a he pile of gifts to have a good time. Why not opt for a few sustainable and useful gifts then give the gift of time over the Festive Period.

Jillian, TLGL

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