7 Sustainable Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

Top 5 Sustainable Documentaries to Watch In 2022
Sustainability is a massive part of what we are all about here at the little green larder and we try to give as much information on how to be as sustainable as possible to everyone who comes to see us 
But sometimes that's not always possible due to how big some of the problems are and how many. 
So we have put together a list of our top 5 Netflix documentaries (in no particular order as they're all important) on sustainability for anyone who is wanting to educate themselves on how to be more eco-friendly and what's going on out there today 
1. Brave Blue World
A documentary about the world's oceans and the crisis that faces them with seriously Hollywood power behind it.
With matt Damon and Jaden Smith featuring in this masterpiece it is a fantastic starting point for an entry into eco education 
2. David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet
The international treasure David Attenborough has once again delivered a serious masterpiece with this one. The heart-breaking scenes of how the planet has been slowly ruined by climate change and how he has witnessed it first hand is truly awakening and will make it denier change their minds. 
This one is a serious must watch 
3. Our Planet
With awe inspiring footage, Our Planet will blow your mind, due to the advances in filming technology with the use of drones this film will show you scenes and landscapes you have never seen before. 
But with these amazing scenes comes an urgent warning of PROTECT THESE CLIMATES. These are extremely fragile places and we must do whatever we can to protect them. 
4. A Plastic Ocean
A journey to film blue Wales in their natural habitat takes a disturbing turn when an Australian journalist and free diving record holder discovers an obscene amount of plastic in these so called "pristine" waters. 
Shocked at the discovery he travels to 20 locations around the globe to investigate and find out how to fix the problem 
This documentary will give everyone a must needed boost to being plastic free and we at the little green larder are here for it. 
5. Chasing Coral
This award-winning documentary showcases the best of our coral reefs and how they can live for thousands of years but if we tamper with the conditions, this award winning documentary will open your eyes to the phenomenon of coral bleaching which is destroying coral reefs at a horrifying pace 
Again, a must watch as it will open your eyes and its extremely important to see how this will impact our planet and its inhabitants  
Seaspiracy is a Netflix documentary about the effects of our mistreatment of our oceans, a powerful documentary that is heart-breaking at times. When we watched it, it opened our eyes to a lot of information about our oceans we were not aware of. 
This is a super powerful watch, its a necessity 
This movie is a powerful one, it's a movie about the dangerous effects of cattle farming. It is extremally upsetting at times to see how much devastation cattle farming actually causes. Scientists have given us 20 years before the effects of global warming are irreversible. This documentary will help you see the real cost of a burger.
These are our pick for our favourites but there is a whole world of documentaries about sustainability for you to watch and learn about so use this blog post as a guide for your own learning experience.
We wish you the best viewing experience and we hope you learn a lot, as we did, from watching them.
Thanks for reading, and if you would like some information about some easy swaps you can make to help you become more environmentally friendly, read this blog.

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