20 Sustainable Christmas Gifts Under £20!

The big day is creeping up on us very quickly this year! And if you are anything like me and have left your Christmas shopping until the last minute this year, Don’t panic! We have loads of affordable and sustainable gifts you can get your hands on locally (no need to order online and risk it not arriving on time). So here it is; Our list of twenty sustainable gifts under £20 (Most are actually a tenner or less but that makes a much less catchy title).
 1. Pick ‘n’ Mix

Let’s not mess around! We can’t think of anyone they wouldn’t love to find a big bag of our sweets under the Christmas tree. That’s why our much loved Pick ‘n’ Mix is top of our gifting list this year! Grab a £2 bag for a stocking filler, or a large bag for the sweet tooth in your life.
(£2 - £11)
2. On The Go Travel Wash Kit by The Natural Spa

Great for outdoorsy types and spontaneous travellers. Camping fans and hand luggage adventurers will love this plastic free, liquid free kit that has everything they need to stay squeaky clean anywhere from campsite to airport.
3. Ivy & Ginger Wooden Earrings

Super cute, colourful and sustainable. These earrings are handmade from wood and come in a design to suit every taste.
(£16 - £18)
4. DIY Hot Chocolate Kit

A great stocking or Christmas Eve Box filler that’ll make multiple mugs of cosy hot chocolate. Just add a milk of your choice!
 5. Dundee in Pictures Prints

For your artsy Dundonian pal. With monochromatic shots of Dundee’s iconic scenes, suburbs and city centre sites, there’s many to choose from. And at £12 each you’ll have change to pop to Shelter next door and find a matching second-hand frame too.
6. Little People, Big Dreams

For the kid that knows exactly what they want to be when they grow up. Whether they are a budding scientist or future fashionista. These books that tell the story of Stephen Hawking, Aretha Franklin, Vivienne Westwood and more are ideal for little big dreamers.
7. Beauty Made Easy Push Up Lip Balms
Our best selling balms have had a festive makeover, featuring penguins, reindeers and polar bears. Perfect for taking care of lips and dry skin during the cold winter months.
8. Smelleez Soap

From Blue Spruce to Elf Sweat. These soaps are bursting with festive scents and cheer. The twine wrapped bars look great as part of a Christmas hamper. And the punny and colourful festive bars are perfect for kids.
9. Play Press Sustainable Toy Set
With the combined charm and potential of Lego and pop up books. Play Press takes popular playtime characters; everything from The Gruffalo, to animals and astronauts and packs them into plastic free parcels that can be popped out built and played with.
 (£5.99 - £14.99)
10. Sustainable Felt Laptop and Tablet Sleeves

Great for tech aficionados and students alike, these sleeves come in a range of muted tones complete with contrasting trims and button fastening.
(£16.99 - £19.99)
11. Jeff & The Squirrel Notepads

For the one that is forever writing lists, and has already decided on their New Year’s Resolution. Or the one that is always running errands, and forgets what they went to the shops for. These notepads feature a cute print, lines, and are just the right size for shopping lists, notes and to do lists.
 12. Vego Spread
I can guarantee there is at least one person in your life who would happily demolish a full jar of Vego spread in one sitting. And that person would certainly not be disappointed to find a jar full amongst their presents this Christmas. And if you can’t think of that person, maybe it’s you! Have you tried it?
13. Made On Our Farm Face Oil

This locally made little bottle of skincare is our go to luxurious gift recommendation for your Mum, Auntie, Sister or skincare loving significant other. Why? Because its a soothing staple in any and every skincare routine. The lavender and rose scent, excellent moisturising properties, and the fact you only need a drop or two per use, only add to the appeal.
14. Gua Shas and Jade Rollers
Another one for the skincare fans, or a treat for that person who deserves a pamper. Great for applying skincare and even better if you pop it in the freezer for a cooling spa-like face massage. These also pair really well with the face oil mentioned above.
(£10 - £16)
15. The Book That Eats Itself (After you've read it of course!)

This book is jammed packed with eco inspired activities that’ll last all year long. It’s interactive and something the whole family can get involved in!
16. Chocolate Bars

Perfect for everyone! Whether it’s a Oaty Hip! Bar, a Minty Montezuma, or a Salted Caramel Seed & Bean, our bars of chocolate have been flying off the shelves. We think its because they make great gifts, are dairy free (so perfect for vegans and allergy sufferers), and because there’s so many flavours to try! A great stocking filler, pamper hamper addition, or just the right size for a letterbox gift.
17. Bath Bombs (and Shower Steamers)

Floral, Spearmint and Geranium, and Lavender are the three scents of bath bomb we have in stock for Christmas. They are colourful, filled with dried herbs and florals and very substantial. Good enough to rival bath bombs from a particular well-known cosmetics retailer. And if your recipient isn’t the proud owner of a bath, we also have a range of equally fancy shower steamers. And if you pick one of these up for yourself, to unwind after completing your very stressful Christmas shopping, we don't blame you!
18. Net Bags

Net bags are a sustainable grocery shopping staple. But we’ve got them in lime green, sunshine yellow, electric blue, bubblegum pink, and rich red. The perfect gift for stylish shoppers and lovers of colour.
19. Plant a Tree! (And gift one too!)

Grab a wooden Christmas Tree token or hanging Christmas Tree as a stocking filler or to pop in your Christmas Cards. Each one come complete with a card letting them know you’ve planted a tree on their behalf. And as a bonus they get a little wooden token or decoration they can cherish and display every Christmas.
20. Gift Vouchers
For the seasoned environmentalist. Our vouchers are a great option when you’re buying for someone who is well versed in eco living. When you don’t know their shampoo bar of choice, or if they have enough bamboo straws, get them a gift card and they can come in and choose exactly what they’d like!
(From £5)
To wrap up: You can also grab paper tape from us in two sizes for wrapping up presents and parcels! No more losing the end of the roll!
And speaking of rolls, the paper covers on our Who Gives A Crap toilet roll makes excellent wrapping paper!
(Tape From £3 / WGAC From £1)
So that’s it! Our 20 gifts under £20! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our affordable and sustainable gifts and we hope to see you browsing in person soon!
If you didn’t find what you were looking for, check out our Dundee Local and Sustainable Festive Gift Guide for great gifts from other local businesses.

Alice TLGL

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