10 Sustainable Easy Sustainable Bathroom Swaps

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With all the advances in the modern world we need a lot of new products to keep up with hygiene, but with all these new cleaning products comes a ton of plastic waste and general pollution which is seriously bad for the environment. 
Today at the little green larder we are looking at 10 easy sustainable products that we sell that can really make a difference to the environment that we sell at The Little Green Larder 
1. Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner Bars
Shampoo, soap, conditioner etc are great, we can’t live without them, but they come in so much plastic and create an awful amount of waste plastic.
These bars come in paper packaging and last much longer than bottles so if you’re getting started in sustainability and are wanting to make the first step in swapping products for sustainable ones these are a great start
2. Bamboo Toilet Brush
A simple one, a toilet brush…but one made of bamboo instead of awful plastic, paired with a metal bucket it’s the best way to stay hygienic and environmentally conscious.
3. Little Lamb Biodegradable Washcloths
Little Lamb make a collection of products such as washable wipes, nappies, sanitary pads and many more but they are all made of bamboo again for its sustainability and quality, so these are an amazing way to keep clean and keep green.
To Pair with your soap, shampoo, and conditioner bars we have a soap bag for you. Just drop your bars into the bag and it will lather up perfectly. The bag is also biodegradable so that’s a bonus.
Make your showers and baths and showers an epic experience.
5. Isla Rosa Micellar Water
We are very fond of our Micellar Water it’s a very good quality water scented with Aloe Vera and Blueberry, the best part though is that when you run out of the water, bring your empty bottles and they will be refilled.
After three bottles refilled you get the fourth free.
Toothpaste is essential but again it comes in plastic, WHY! It doesn’t have to be like this. This is why we sell chewable tooth tabs, simply chew the tab up until smooth and then brush with a normal toothbrush (or a special one that we might tell you about later).
These are definitely the way forward when it comes to sustainable oral hygiene.
7. Save Some Green Tooth Brushes
Going with the last entry on our list we have a perfect match for the tooth tabs, we have a totally sustainable tooth brush made of, you guessed it, bamboo, with all levels of textures hard and soft for all ages this is the way to go to make sure you have a good oral and eco hygiene routine.
Made in the isle of wight, earth conscious deodorant is a fully sustainable and eco deodorant stick made of natural ingredients. Unfortunately, most deodorant brands have an issue with using sustainable and natural products and use a lot of plastic packaging.
By using Earth Conscious deodorant you’re making sure you smell good and keep the environment safe and protected.
There seems to be a theme about keeping clean and hygienic and cotton buds are definitely an important part of your routine. They are made of bamboo but they maintain a high quality product that is perfect for your bathroom swap.
Who gives a crap are a sustainable toilet paper company that make their rolls out of bamboo which is an extremely sustainable and offers a high quality paper that will heal the environment.
They also give 50% of all their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in developing countries. So this is a fantastic way to help out with the environment and is a super simple swap for your bathroom.
All of these products are fantastic and even swapping one non sustainable version for one of these products will make an enormous difference, but of course making as many swaps as possible will always be the best. If you want to get your hands on some of our amazing products then click on this link and see how our delivery services work
We are selling all of these products so come on down to the little green larder and make the change now! 
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