10 Kitchen Items You Can Refill at The Little Green Larder

Hi everyone, today were going to be talking about 10 kitchen items you can refill at The Little Green Larder

In a world with a lot of Green Washing it’s important to focus on what really does make a difference. Shopping at your local eco shop and using refill stations is a great way to shop sustainably.

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Read on to find out about the different kitchen items you can refill here at The Little Green Larder.


1 - Beans

Everyone loves beans, they’re very nutritious, delicious, and highly sustainable. Using very little water with a high yield they are one of the most widely available and produced sustainable foods we have. We have a wide variety for sale at the little green larder so it’s a great place to start.

2 - Pasta

Pasta is one of the most versatile foods ever made. This ancient food can be transformed into incredible dishes and are fantastic for long days for its slow energy release here at our shop we sell all sorts of pasta so if you're looking for the highest quality available you can count on us to provide.

3 - Rice

One of the most important ingredients for many different cultures is rice, there are loads of different types from basmati to Arborio to sushi rice. Famed for its high energy content and versatility. We have a vision of rice being grown in fields full of water but this isn’t used for growing the rice it’s a means of keeping pests and bacteria away. It’s very easy to cook and very easy to store for long periods of time.

4 - Lentils 

Lentils are delicious, very high in protein and extremely versatile, like beans they don’t need a lot of water to grow and have a very high yield and can be used in many dishes from curries to soups and have been used in many different recipes from many different food cultures. At the little green larder, we approve of lentils. 

5 - Kitchen Refills

Laundry detergent, kitchen cleaner and dishwasher tabs are very important, but good luck finding it with out unnecessary harsh chemicals and plastic waste, we have a solution, our amazing refill station.

6 - Washing up Liquid

Washing up liquid is a must have for the kitchen, but the problem with big corporations is that they sell their washing up liquid in a lot of unnecessary plastic waste, and we need to start using more sustainable replacements like our wonderful refill stations.

 7 - Vegan Pick and Mix

Our favourite things at the shop and many of our customers favourite items are the vegan pick n mix. These are one of the most popular refills we sell. With plenty of different flavours to choose from you can't go wrong with the vegan pick n mix

8 - Nuts

Nuts are fantastic, they’re used in tons of different recipes and are brilliant for snacking, they are very sustainable but the most sustainable by far are peanuts, our favourite ways to cook with nuts is a simple nut roast.

9 - Herbs and Spices

We have so many amazing herbs and spices at our shop and we are proud to have some incredibly tasty premixed spice and herb blends for you to use in your cooking. Vegan cooking doesn't have to be bland and boring, spice it up

10 - Dried Fruits

Dried fruit is so tasty, it is the perfect healthy snack for on the go. Whether it is a hiking snack, something in your kids packed lunch or a bite to eat to tide you over till lunch.

We hope that this blog is gives you a lot of information about what we have available to you from our refill stations and we hope that you pop in to see us and buy these items as they’re all for sale in our shop.


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